Online Data Storage


Online Data Storage


by Marc Liron - Microsoft MVP (Windows Desktop Experience)


Why Would Anyone Want To Use An Online Data Storage Service?

Well that is an excellent question... With computer hard drives becoming so large and reliable you would think that the need for remote storage was redundant. BUT larger hard drives are actually part of the need!

You see nowadays we ALL create data that needs storing.

Yes we can fill up our hard drive, quite easily, with video clips from our camera's and mobile phones. Both camcorders and digital camera's have become affordable AND create the need for more storage space on our computers too. 

And then there are all those documents you create that add to the increasing speed at which you consume resources on your PC.

Much of this "data" we create is valuable to us. Maybe it is important documents for work, or family memories in the form of pictures and video...

So here is the problem!

What if you LOST all that "data" - would it matter to YOU?

I'm guessing the answer is YES?

Most folk never make backups... And those that do tend to put them on CDs and then keep them at the same location as their PC or Laptop.

Crazy?  Yep!

If you have a fire etc... chances are you lose BOTH the computer and the backup CD-R's

Think it does not happen.... sadly it happens to too many people. Just ask your insurance agent the next time you renew your policy. They can tell you some really sad stories about data loss.

Of course it is not just fires that damage data. So do virus and hardware failures... so if you are not even creating backups you really are a time bomb waiting to go off!

You can get a SECURE online service that allows you to:

# Back up important files SECURELY

# Store your family photo's, video clips and music etc

There are TWO services that I would recommend:


Carbonite launched its online backup service in May 2006. Its industry-first offer of unlimited backup space for a flat low price revolutionized the market for consumer and small business backup services. So far, Carbonite has backed up over 3 billion files and more importantly, restored over 200 million files that would have been lost forever.

Every year, 43% of computer users lose irreplaceable files. Carbonite users do not have to worry! Carbonite automatically and securely backs up the irreplaceable contents of their computers – no matter how much stuff they need to backup. Restoring lost files takes just a few clicks!

Try Carbonite Online Backup FREE for 15 days and back up your irreplaceable files automatically and securely. No credit card required!

#2 - AMAZON S3

Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is an online storage web service offered by Amazon Web Services. Amazon S3 provides unlimited storage through a simple web services interface. Amazon launched S3, its first publicly-available web service, in the United States in March 2006 and in Europe in November 2007.

Amazon S3 is reported to store more than 64 billion objects as of August 2009.

You can find more about the service here:

You can use my free software to upload/download files to the service: 


As an IT professional I have used online data storage services for a number of years. But now they are NOT just used by us "techies" any more.

Many home users are taking up these services and that is one of the reasons the price has become so affordable.



Kind Regards

Marc Liron

Marc Liron - Microsoft MVP





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