DVD decoder media player windows

DVD Decoder Media Player Windows




What is a DVD Decoder..?

Introduced in March 1997, the quality of DVD playback, the convenient size of the discs, and extra features such as scene selection and random access to any point in a movie, make DVDs a better option than VHS tapes.

Using a DVD player that is hooked to your Television is not the only way to play a DVD movie.



Finding A DVD Decoder for Media Player Windows

Your Windows 7, Vista or XP computer can play DVD's as well, IF it's got a supported DVD drive and a supported DVD decoder installed that is!

But what about using Windows Media Player to view your DVD's (known as MPEG-2 to us geeks)...

If you have a DVD drive installed on your PC or laptop, then installing a software DVD decoder media player "plug-in" is extremely easy!

AND since you already know how to use Windows Media Player there is NO additional learning needed as the plugin uses the same interface...

Windows Media Player DVD Plugin's for Win XP / Vista and 7


# For the Windows 7, XP and Vista - Operating Systems

This DVD Decoder gives you the same technology at a fraction of the price as WinDVD, the world's leading DVD player, used by over 125 million people! FULL integration with Windows Media Player 9, 10, 11 or 12. NVIDIA PureVideo technology support for superb picture clarity, and precise, vivid colours on any display!

FLAWLESS DVD playback every time...

Get this DVD plug-in and start enjoying DVDs in WMP with the:

DVD Decoder for Windows Users (Click Here!) 



# The ULTIMATE Decoder For the Windows 7

 dvd player for windows media


Get this DVD plug-in and start enjoying your DVDs in WMP with:

Ultimate Decoder for Windows 7 (Click HERE!) -


Need a DVD Player with More Advanced features?

The windows media player DVD decoder not enough for you?If you are looking for a dedicated DVD player with advanced features then look no further than WinDVD 2010 (Standard and Pro editions) - the worlds most popular DVD and Video software for the Windows XP / Windows Vista and Windows 7 computer!


For more information visit: Corel US Website OR Corel Canada Website




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