Cyclic redundancy error - 0x80070017



Cyclic Redundancy Error


by Marc Liron - Microsoft MVP (2004-2010)


Why do I Get the Cyclic Redundancy Error Message?

A cyclic redundancy check (CRC) is an error-detecting code. Its computation resembles a long division operation in which the quotient is discarded and the remainder becomes the result, with the important distinction that the arithmetic used is the carry-less arithmetic of a finite field. The length of the remainder is always less than or equal to the length of the divisor, which therefore determines how long the result can be. The definition of a particular CRC specifies the divisor to be used, among other things.

A CRC can be used as a "checksum" to detect accidental alteration of data during transmission or storage.

In simple terms, a CRC is bit of mathematics used to ensure that your data is OK when being transferred.

CDs and DVDs

The most common time you will see the cyclic redundancy check error message is when trying to read data from a damaged CD or DVD.

Just before it appears, your CD/DVD drive will probably grind and make funny sounds!

If this happens you need to try and rescue the disc.

Try this software:


Error 0x80070017

I see this error message a few times a month in my inbox:

0x80070017 ERROR_CRC Data error (cyclic redundancy check)

Essentially what is happening here is that Windows users are trying to upgrade/install Windows XP or Vista on their PC and the install fails with this error. On futher inspection it turns out that:

The DVD is scratched

The ISO image that they burnt onto the disc got corrupted

The optical lens on the PC DVD drive is dirty solving one of the above problems the 0x80070017 ERROR_CRC Data error goes away! 

I hope this information helps your troubleshooting!



Kind Regards

Marc Liron

Marc Liron - Microsoft MVP (2004-2010)



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