Windows XP Services...


Windows XP Services


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When you read through the lists of Windows services please do NOT panic if you do not have some of these services listed on your own PC. It may be that your computer manufacture "pre-installed" your operating system and they choose not to have certain services installed for you.

...or your version of Windows XP does not use a particular service!

Note - I have not listed 3rd party services, only those from Microsoft.

Simply put a "service" can be described as a software application that runs continuously in the background while your computer is on.

BUT isn't that what any software application does on a PC?

Well yes and no.

The main difference with a service is that they load into memory at boot time and start running whether or not anyone logs into the computer.

Windows has numerous services that run in the background and they provide basic functions to the system such as: connectivity to a network, printer support, access to visual themes and USB connectivity to name but a few.

There is also a hierarchy amongst services, by that I mean not all services were created equal. Some services are needed as the PC boots up and some are only called upon when their functionality is required, (the later is done with no direct contact with the user).

So why exactly would you want to know about these services?

TWO reasons:

# A basic understanding of Windows Services helps with troubleshooting!

# A basic understanding helps with tweaking your system!

Windows Services Guide

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A List of Known Windows XP Services:

Alerter Service

Application Layer Gateway Service

Application Management

Automatic Updates

Background Intelligent Transfer Service


COM+ Event System

COM+ System Application

Computer Browser

Cryptographic Services

DCOM Server Process Launcher

DHCP Client

Distributed Link Tracking Client

Distributed Transaction Coordinator

DNS Client

Error Reporting Service

Event Log

Fast User Switching Compatibility


Help and Support

HID Input Service


IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service

Indexing Service

IPSEC Services

Logical Disk Manager

Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service

Machine Debug Manager


MS Software Shadow Copy Provider

Net Logon

NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing

Network Connections

Network DDE

Network DDE DSDM

Network Location Awareness (NLA)

Network Provisioning Service

NT LM Security Support Provider

Performance Logs and Alerts

Plug and Play

Portable Media Serial Number Service

Print Spooler

Protected Storage


Remote Access Auto Connection Manager

Remote Access Connection Manager

Remote Desktop Help Session Manager

Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator

Remote Registry

Removable Storage

Routing and Remote Access

Secondary Logon

Security Accounts Manager

Security Center


Shell Hardware Detection

Smart Card

SSDP Discovery Service

System Event Notification

System Restore Service

Task Scheduler




Terminal Services


Uninterruptible Power Supply

Universal Plug and Play Device Host

Volume Shadow Copy


Windows Audio

Windows CardSpace

Windows Defender

Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework

Windows Firewall/Internet Connection Sharing (ICS)

Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)

Windows Installer

Windows Management Instrumentation

Windows Management Instrumentation Driver Extensions

Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service

Windows Time

Wireless Zero Configuration

WMI Performance Adapter



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