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Create Great Content With Windows Movie Maker 2.1 For XP


The official word on this great video editing software from the Microsoft website is:

"Microsoft Windows Movie Maker 2.1 for Windows XP makes it easy to create and edit your home movies right on your computer. Using MM2, you can add special effects, music, and narration to your movies. Then you can share your movie with others by posting it on the Web, sending it in an e-mail message, or copying it to a CD."


And they are right!


Why All The Fuss About Windows Movie Maker 2.1?

Simply put - its good and its FREE.

Ever since Microsoft entered the video editing party with the first Windows Movie Maker offering - in the Windows ME operating system. Microsoft have been committed to making its Windows Movie Maker software a success.

With the release of Windows XP in 2001, Microsoft improved Windows Movie Maker and we had version 1.1 as part of the XP operating system. However, it was only a small improvement and offered a bare set of tools to capture and edit movies...

But in January 2003 Microsoft gave the users of Windows XP a totally overhauled Windows Movie Maker - Version 2. Then with XP Service Pack 2 we got Windows Movie Maker - Version 2.1

This suite of improved tools and codec's for audio and video, means that Windows Movie Maker 2.1 can now produce far better video presentations
and clips. Much better that the previous version 1 of Windows Movie Maker could!

So What Can I Do With Windows Movie Maker 2.1?

Well, first of all you have to have it on your PC. So if you have not downloaded it yet then do so now. (Details at the end of this article.)

Typical scenarios are:

# You have taken a few minutes of video with a MiniDV Camcorder and you want to send the clip as an email attachment to some friends - No problem. Windows Movie Maker 2 will grab your "footage" from your Camcorder and then make a clip suitable for email.

# You have used your MiniDV Camcorder to record your daughters birthday party and you want to show the whole family by putting it on a CD - Easy, you can use Windows Movie Maker 2 to capture the event off your camera and than edit manually OR have Windows Movie Maker 2 create the end product for you!

# You have made a promotional film about your home based business and you would like to make a DVD for your customers - well by using Windows Movie Maker 2 you can capture the "footage" to your PC and then edit it the "footage" the way you would like it to be seen. To create a DVD you simply export your work to a leading third party DVD software for the final stage.

# You have video footage you took using your older Hi8 or VHS recorder - Well grab yourself a video card capable of connecting these older Cameras to your PC and then Windows Movie Maker 2 can create a digital movie that you can share or archive for the years to come.

# You want to put the video you create back onto the tape in your MiniDV Camcorder so you can plug the Camcorder into your TV at home - Absolutely possible with Windows Movie Maker 2! Make your video with titles and transitions and export the whole finished product back to your Camcorder...

# You have a handful of photos you would like to put together with a narration by you - Go ahead! Windows Movie Maker 2 will make this a stress free task for you.

These are only a few of the options available to you with Microsoft's greatly improved Windows Movie Maker 2.1

So What Do I Get ?

1) The ability to use Microsoft's media series 9 video and audio codec's to create Hi-Quality videos...

2) A great package for beginners and experienced users alike...

3) The freedom to work with Analogue and Digital video/audio to make your videos...

4) Use the highly effective wizards to guide you or take over the whole process manually...

5) Mix video and pictures to create your content...

6) An integrated preview window to instantly see the results of your efforts...

7) A new "Capture from Video Device" wizard to automate video capture painlessly...

8) More than 130 professional-looking transitions, high quality effects and titles...

9) Support from other vendors who are making transitions, effects and titles for Windows Movie Maker 2...

10) The "Auto-Movie" feature which will analyse your video clips and make the movie for you!

11) Tools to help you combine Music and Video in synchronisation to make compelling home videos!

That's just the top 11 on my list..... There are however many more features available for you to create the content YOU want to in a very friendly piece of software.

So What About DVD ?

At the moment there is no support to create DVD's from within Windows Movie Maker 2.1

The option here is to use the alternative very powerful 30 Day - Free Trial of Corel Digital Studio .

Video Tour - Digital Studio 2010

Microsoft report that they are working on DVD publishing for the Windows Movie Maker that will ship with the next version of Microsoft's desktop operating system, Windows Vista.



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