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What Is spupdsvc.exe ?

Process File: spupdsvc.exe

Process Name: Update RunOnce Service






Windows XP Spupdsvc-exe...

Description: spupdsvc.exe is a process which belongs to the Microsoft Update RunOnce Service. This program is non-essential process to the running of the Windows XP operating system.

In the software developer world it is known as one of the "Package Installer-related Files" and is referred to as a Windows service that runs after a reboot if the installation requires processes to be executed after a reboot.

What If I Am Having Problems Installing Security Patches...

It is possible that the service: spupdsvc.exe "may" be the culprit.

(Many newsgroup users reported that this was the case for Security Patch KB898461

If that is the case you might want to rename the file and try the security patch installation again by visiting the manual download page for that patch:

#1 In SAFE MODE find the file in:

%windir%\System32\spupdsvc.exe (C:\System32\spupdsvc.exe in most cases)

#2 Rename the file spupdsvcOLD.exe

#3 Reboot and manually install the security patch

The security patch should now install OK!

I hope this article on the Windows XP spupdsvc.exe was useful? 


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