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A Great Spam Filter For Outlook Express...

There are many folks looking for a reliable Spam Filter For Outlook Express these days... The reason why?

This says it all really:

A 2001 survey by the European Commission estimates that spam costs consumers an estimated $8.8bn a year worldwide just in connection costs. Also, Internet research company Jupiter Media Metrix predicts consumers will receive about 206 billion junk e-mailings by 2006 - an average of 1,400 per person. Each piece of spam is said to cost $1 in lost productivity.

We have ALL suffered from the onslaught of incoming spam mails. Many companies have risen to the challenge of providing software to deal with the problem. This can range from complete hardware/software solutions costing tens of thousands of pounds, right down to the free software available from some good sources on the Internet.

Since many folks use the free email client that comes with Windows XP. I decided to test as many of the FREE programs available, to see if there was a really good Spam Filter For Outlook Express in this category.

And I was pleasantly surprised!

I really did find a decent Spam Filter For Outlook Express that does a terrific job... (also works with Outlook too..)
SpamPal - A FREE Spam Filter For Outlook Express

Spam Filter for Outlook Express

The good thing about SpamPal is that it doesn't use word filtering technology to decide which is spam or not spam, but rather, uses DNSBL lists of known spamming organizations. This is a method that many of the most expensive software solutions use and is very effective at redusing tha amount of SPAM that ends up in your inbox.

SpamPal sits between your mail server and your mail client, (like a proxy) checking your incoming mail and tagging messages it believes to be spam (more detail on this later), then whatever rule you set up in your mail client, it will move all spam tagged emails to a folder of your choice, kept away from the main Inbox.

It will never attempt to delete spam email (which some users don't like in the case of an email mistakenly marked as spam).

SpamPal Features

# Check your mail against the freely-usable DNSBL lists (aka "blocking lists") of your choice.
# The list of available DNSBL services is automatically updated, so new DNSBL lists can be used as they appear!
# Whitelist the email addresses of your friends and family so that mail from them will never be tagged as spam!
# Don't agree with a listing in a DNSBL list? You can whitelist entire netblocks so you'll never be troubled by that listing again!
# Do you think part of the Internet should be blocked that isn't in a DNSBL list? Add it to the local blacklist and all mail from it will be tagged as spam! You can blacklist email addresses or entire netblocks!
# People and mailservers with whom you correspond frequently are Automatically Whitelisted - without you having to lift a finger!
# More than one mailbox? Don't worry, SpamPal supports multiple POP3 servers.
# Supports APOP authentication!
# Unobtrusive! Once installed, SpamPal sits in your system tray and you can forget all about it - except spam won't be causing you so much trouble!
# Multi-language support! Use SpamPal in English, German French, Italian or Russian
# Subject Line Tagging. As well as its special header, SpamPal can put "**SPAM**" in the subject of spam messages.
# And if all this isn't enough, you can extend SpamPal with third-party Plug-ins!
# SpamPal will not be able to detect all of your spam. However, I think it will detect enough to make a considerable difference!

These features really do make this an excellent Spam Filter For Outlook Express...

Forthcoming Features

SpamPal is a work in progress; there are many features which are not yet present, but which I intend one day to add. Here, in no particular order, is a list of things you may find in future versions...

# Support for IMAP mailboxes.
# Support for more secure POP3 authentication methods, e.g. SASL (aka Secure Password Authentication in Outlook).
# Setup Wizards to take the pain out of configuring your mail client for SpamPal.

Sending Out Emails

We here so much about blocking spam these days that it may be worth pointing out the opposite end of the scale.

You might be reading this article and thinking "but I send out legitimate emails to customers - are these being caught by the growing number of Spam Filters For Outlook Express and other email clients?

The simple answer is YES.

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