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Article Published by Marc Liron - Microsoft MVP

On this webpage you will find links to current FREE software for your windows computer or laptop.


But do remember that sometimes free does not offer all the features you will need or expect! 

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Free Software and Games from PermissionResearch!

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In exchange for having your Internet browsing and purchasing activity observed, members have access to FREE software downloads and other benefits including:

Free online disk storage
Free software to password protect important documents and folders
Free software to help maintain online privacy
Over 450 free online games
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Membership is free and members personal information will remain confidential in accordance with their strict privacy policy.

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FREE Anti-Rootkit Software!

Rootkits are a relatively new technique for hiding malicious software on your computer. They render malware invisible to some security software, but these 2 programs should find them! (You only need one of them installed if your current Security suit does not offer protection against Rootkits.)


The AVG Anti-Rootkit  CLICK HERE

The McAfee Rootkit Detective  CLICK HERE


FREE Antivirus Software!

If there is one security software that you can NOT afford to have on your computer it is an Antivirus product!

Below are 2 such FREE programs for you to consider using if you do not already have an anti-virus package installed. HOWEVER I really do recommend that you install a retail package that comes with a years subscription of virus updates to make sure you are FULLY protected!

Comodo FREE Antivirus Software  CLICK HERE

Avira FREE Antivirus Software  CLICK HERE


FREE Anti-Spyware Software!

Most PC's get infected with spyware at some point. Removing this unwanted and potentially threatening software is relatively easy with the right program. As ever you get what you pay for and the 2 free programs here will do a fine job. However if you want more reassurance then purchase a professional package that comes with a subscription service to the latest threats and software updates!


SpyBot FREE Anti-Spyware  CLICK HERE


FREE Firewall Software!

A Firewall controls the Internet traffic that comes in and out of your computer and helps keep your system safe online. Here are 2 great free options to replace the Windows firewall:

Zone Alarm FREE Firewall  CLICK HERE

Ashampoo FREE Firewall  CLICK HERE



FREE Software Update Monitor!

Keeping your software and device drivers up to date can help prevent problems and secure your system against hackers. here are 2 great software utilities to help. Both are XP and Vista capable and both cover most software available but you may consider installing both utilities if one does not have all your software in its database!

The Secunia Personal Software Inspector  CLICK HERE

The UpdateStar  CLICK HERE


FREE Windows Services Guide!

Windows Services Guides


Grab a FREE copy of my unique Windows XP & Vista 4 Part Guide to "Windows Services" - Yours FREE With each purchase of:

The Windows Media Player DVD Plugin


WinDVD 9 Video Playback Software






FREE 14 Day Music Trial!

Rhapsody: 14-day Free Trial!

Gives subscribers unlimited access to listen to more than 250,000+ albums, 80,000+ artists and 4,500,000+ songs.





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Marc Liron

Marc Liron - Microsoft MVP

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