Firefox 6 Review


Firefox 6 Review



Quicker Updates

The Mozilla organisation are the people behind the popular browser: Firefox.

In 2011 they have adopted a faster roll out of browser versions, ver similar to Google with their Chrome browser.

Version 6 was released on the 16th of August 2011, just 7 weeks after version 5. And version 7 is now in beta and due for main stream release late September 2011...


This fast pace is not really going to effect the home user, but for businesses - especially large ones this can cause problems as new software has to be tested before it can be released into the work environment.

In a bid to appeal to those concerned business users, Mozilla has re-established a Mozilla Enterprise User Working Group for enterprise developers, IT staff and Firefox developers.

For some it may be a welcome move, but for others it may be too late as they move away from Firefox.

It is interesting to note that Microsoft has devoted extra effort to pushing Internet Explorer as the ideal corporate browser and of course with nothing like the major release cycle of Firefox or Chrome.


So What Are the New Features?

At first glance there is only one difference to the look of Firefox 6 and that is that the domain names are now highlighted in the URL bar. (Just like in Internet Explorer).

Other changes are:

- Mozilla claims it operates faster

- Mozilla claims it loads faster

- Better loading of Panorama (tab groups)

- More convenient syncing

- Many bug fixes

- 10 security fixes

- Scratch, an interactive environment for testing out JavaScript (For Developers)

- Better support for HTML5

- A New Permissions manager to manage your online privacy better (5 options)

- New about:permissions command

- A revamped Add-ons Manager and plug-in checker

- A much better interface on the Android Smartphone with Firefox Mobile 6


Should I Upgrade?

This is going to come down to personal choice and the environment you work in. But for me the fact that they have fixed 10 security issues that were in Firefox 5 (and will remain un-patched), make it an essential upgrade.

You can download it from here: Firefox 6



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