Vista Upgrade Problems


Upgrade Option is Unavailable


Article Published by Marc Liron - Microsoft MVP


Finding a Solution for Vista Upgrade Problems

This article lists one of the 11 known Vista upgrade problems that you can use to help troubleshoot issues that you may experience when you try to upgrade your current version of Windows (for example Windows XP) to Windows Vista.

Note: Before you upgrade your current operating system and PC to Windows Vista, I recommend that you use FIRST use the Windows Upgrade Advisor tool to help determine whether the computer can run Windows Vista successfully.

For more information about how to obtain the Windows Upgrade Advisor, visit the following Microsoft Web site:  

Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor scans the computer and creates a report of all known system, device, and program compatibility issues that may exist. The Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor also lists recommendations about how to resolve any compatibility issues that may exist. Additionally, you can use the report that the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor generates to help select the edition of Windows Vista that best suits the way that you want to use the computer.


This Vista Upgrade Problems - The Error:

When you try to install Windows Vista on a computer, the Upgrade option is unavailable. You may also receive a message that is specific to the computer hardware.

This issue occurs when one or more pieces of hardware that are attached to the computer are incompatible with Windows Vista.


To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

1. If an installation of Windows Vista is in progress, cancel the current Windows Vista installation.

2. Download and install Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor. To download Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

Note: Before you run Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor, attach all devices that you typically use to the computer. These devices include printers, scanners, or external hard disks. Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor will examine these devices for compatibility with Windows Vista if the devices are attached.

3. Run Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor. Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor scans the computer and creates a report of all known system, device, and program compatibility issues. If issues exist, Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor recommends ways to resolve them.

4. Upgrade or replace any incompatible hardware as directed by Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor.

5. Unplug all optional devices. After Windows Vista is installed, plug these devices in one at a time.

6. Start the Windows Vista installation.

The above articles apply to ALL versions: Windows Vista Business, Windows Vista Enterprise, Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows Vista Ultimate, Windows Vista Enterprise 64-bit Edition, Windows Vista Home Basic 64-bit Edition, Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit Edition, Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit Edition, Windows Vista Starter

...and that should have now resolved the Vista upgrade problem for you!

The following material may be of further assistance... 

Additional Support Resources: 

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