DVD Player For Windows XP

DVD Player For Windows XP


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Windows Media Player first appeared in the Windows operating system back in 1998 and has since then become an indispensible media player for Microsoft users of both desktop and mobile devices. 

BUT to play shop purchased and/or home made DVDs, you must have a DVD drive and a compatible DVD "decoder" installed on your computer!

And yes there is a DVD Player for Windows XP that uses Windows Media Player...


What is a DVD Decoder?

A DVD Decoder is a special set of software/hardware instructions that can be built into a DVD player.

DVD decoders perform 3 main tasks:

1) A DVD decoder is necessary to unlock the copy protection on commercial DVDs

2) DVD decoders read the special  "MPEG-2 format" that is used to create all DVDs, and then.

3) The decoder makes it possible for this content played through a software program which is installed on your PC.


DVD Player For Windows XP?

Several major software companies have created a small piece of software called a "plugin" that you can purchase to make Windows Media Player play your DVDs.

(The reason they are not free is that a "royalty" has to be paid each time the DVD Decoder is installed on a PC, to the folks who own the MPEG-2 format - and no its not Microsoft!).

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# Windows XP - Operating System

Corel dvd player for windows mediaDVD XPack gives you the same technology at a fraction of the price as WinDVD, the world's leading DVD player, used by over 125 million people! FULL integration with Windows Media Center or Windows Media Player 9, 10 or 11. NVIDIA PureVideo technology support for superb picture clarity, and precise, vivid colors on any display!

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Get this DVD plug-in and start enjoying DVDs in WMP with the:

DVD XPack for Windows XP Users   - USA & Canada Website

 DVD XPack for Windows XP Users  - United Kingdom Website


Need a DVD Player with More Advanced features?


The windows media player DVD decoder not enough for you?

If you are looking for a dedicated DVD player with advanced features then look no further than WinDVD 2010  (Standard and Pro editions) - the worlds most popular DVD and Video software for the Windows XP and Vista computer!

October 2009 sees the very latest version packed with features in two versions to suit any demanding user:




WinDVD 2010 

For more information visit: Corel US Website OR Corel Canada Website OR Corel UK Website ..and click the "Standard" or "Pro" tabs!

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