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How Outdated are Your PC's Drivers?

Unless you update your drivers regularly the odds are that your PC will be slower or more likely to crash, or will have problems connecting with peripherals. 

Software like DriverScanner 2012 will:

Don't let driver woes drive you nuts:

Here's how to cope when driver problems make your peripherals inoperative...

A "driver" does the "talking" between devices in, and connected to, your Windows XP computer. Most of the time they work fine....

With its own built-in driver database, Windows XP can automatically recognize some types of hardware like U.S.B. flash drives. The system includes a Device Manager utility that lets you check, configure and change the way Windows deals with your devices.

But drivers can also drive you crazy, because having the wrong one installed on your system can cause problems like ominous Windows error messages and a non-functioning hardware device that sits there like an expensive paperweight.

In addition to not having the correct driver is NOT having an up to date driver!

Vendors are always improving their device drivers and making sure you have the latest one, for ALL your devices is time consuming. If you are technically savvy you can use the device driver to manually check each device driver is up to date.

...or you can manually check vendor websites for available updates, but this takes time and can be a very frustrating process. (With so many drivers installed on your system you cannot reasonably keep track of which drivers have been updated.)

The alternative is to use a piece of software, often called driver scanners, to do ALL THE WORK for you!

Professional driver management tools like DriverScanner 2012 will:

# Keep your PCs drivers updated and your system fully functional...

# DriverScanner scans and backs up ALL your EXISTING drivers....

# Looks for recent updates, downloading and installing them all in a few simple clicks...

...Trouble Free driver maintenance! (and works with Windows Vista as well.)

Click Here for free instant scan of your computer and see how many drivers you have that are out of date.

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Driver Update

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