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DIVX codec for Windows Media Player

DIVX codec for Windows Media Player



DIVX codec for Windows Media Player



WMP and DivX

In my article on finding a codec for windows media player I talk about how often, when you download content from the Internet, it can not always be viewed/heard.

This is because the file has been compressed using a codec that is NOT currently installed on your PC.

(Please do read the article if you are unfamiliar with codec's and the "FourCC" codes that are displayed when WMP can not read a file.)

One such codec that you may need installed on your PC is the divx codec for windows media player.

As high speed Internet access becomes ever more available to the masses, so does the ability to share large files with friends and relatives.

The DivX codec is relatively new codec and is based on the MPEG-4 compression standard for video.

The DivX codec is one of the best compression technologies for high-resolution movies. The DivX codec is becoming the standard for high quality video over IP networks because it hits the sweet spot between superior visual quality and small file size. With a broadband connection, you can download a full-length feature film in the time it takes to have a pizza delivered!

If you have come to this page looking for the DivX codec for windows media player it is probably because windows media player has given you a message like:

Unable to render video: DIVX decompressor not found

The solution is to to install the DivX codec and make sure you also have the latest versions of DirectX and Windows Media Player installed.

The DivX download is actually a bundle of the DivX Player 2.1 and the actual DivX codec you will need to install if you want to watch movies that have been encoded in DivX.

If you are just going to use windows media player to view the movie then you probably will not want to install the DivX player.

I personally just installed the codec and now watch DivX movies in windows media player 9 and 10 - depending on which laptop I am using!

It is also worth pointing out:

# That the codec version 5.0.5 (and above) will also allow you to watch ALL DivX movies. e.g. DivX, v3.x, DivX v4.x, DivX v5.x

# Also, if you do not already have DirectX installed on your PC you will need too!

# You will not be able to watch partial movies, ONLY completely downloaded DivX movies.

You can get the plain DivX codec for windows media player here.

- Currently DivX codec v6.8.4 (or higher)

UPDATED - Windows Media Player DVD Plugin's


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