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Where is the Cinepak codec download..?



This is quite a commonly required codec that enables you to view video on your PC.

Cinepak was originally developed to play small movies on "early" computers with a single speed CD-ROM drive.

One of the chief reasons for this was its extremely low CPU requirements!:




The original name of this codec was CompactVideo, which is why its FourCC identifier is "CVID".

It was the primary video codec of early versions of QuickTime and Microsoft Video for Windows, but was later superseded by Sorenson Video, Intel Indeo, and most recently MPEG-4 and H.264. However, movies compressed with Cinepak are generally still playable in most media players... including Windows Media Player.

Can I get Cinepak codec download for FREE?

YES you can!

Just point your browser at: cinepak codec download

However, you should already have the cinepack codec on your Windows PC as it comes with Windows 95 / Direct 3.0 and above!

If you wish to purchase a professional Cinepack codec solution then take a look at: 

For a technical explanation of this little used codec visit here: 


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